ECTN Libya
ECTN Libya

Libya main port : Tripoli , El Khoms , Bingazi , Misurata


It’s compulsory to obtain CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) certificate for all maritime exports to the LIBYA country.

Libya CTN Certificate requirement applies to transit loads. With the decision of the Ministry of Customs and Economy of Libya on 01.10.2015.

ECTN should be validated within 05 calendar days since the date of sending pre-valdiate draft.

Document require

  • Bill of Lading .
  • Commercial Invoice 
  • Export Customs Declaration 

Process Flowchart

  1. SPEED will check the provided document and  advise whether it is correct or amendment needded.
  2. S[EED will issue invoice for client payment .
  3. On receiving payment , SPEED will release ECNT draft.
  4. On receiving confirmation , SPEED will release pre validate ECTN with ECTN number.
  5. Client check and provide scan OBL with ECTN for validation.
  6. Client will forward the validated  ECTN  in file pdf to consignee for clearance.

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