ECTN Burundi
ECTN Burundi

Burundi main port : Bujumbura



SPEED TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED as agent for the issuance of the  ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Number))  for all maritime shipments from Vietnam with destination BURUNDI.


With the effective date of 2014, the Ministry of Finance of Burundi declared that all sea cargo arriving in their country requires a Electronic Cargo Tracking Note(ECTN).

Draft ECTN need to be validated within 05 calendar days.  If delay , ECTN will be non valid and need to be applied again.

Document requirement

  • Bill of Lading – A draft copy can be used for the draft.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice – It is necessary if the freight cost isn’t on the commercial invoice.
  • Export Customs Declaration – Details have to be the same across all documents if it is not cross-trade.
  • Packing List

Process flowchart:

  1. SPEED will check all provided documents and advise is any required amendment / additional supply.
  2. SPEED issue invoice for customer check and proceed payment.
  3. One  your payment has been received , SPEED will issue draft ECTN for your checking.
  4. When your side confirm draft , SPEED will issue ECTN No. for your showing on B/L.
  5. You should send us scan OBL or Surrendered B/L within 05 calemdar days for validated ECTN.
  6. Customer  send file  ECTN pdf  to consignee for clearance at destination.

If any questions, please feel free to contact us.